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My Creative Process

Have you ever wondered what goes through an artist’s head as they create? Me too! I'm really not sure how other creators' brains work, but I’m happy to share with you the rundown of my personal process here!

It’s all about getting into the zone where some kind of magical force can take over (preferably the one from Star Wars). ✨ It's when this creative force takes the lead that a combination of colors and shapes can take on a form greater than the sum of its parts. 

I’m always stunned and amazed looking at a finished successful piece (my success rate is probably 1 in 10 after being at this for 17 years) as I’m truly not sure where it came from. My work is never a planned series of conscious choices, and I'm supremely grateful when something I find beautiful comes through me. 

"Soft Summer." Watercolor painting

When I first start a new piece, it usually begins with just a vague idea, or a raw photo with dull colors that isn’t that exciting.  From there, I sit and stare blankly at it until little ideas of things to try start popping into my head. (Getting in the zone...) I’ll start digitally layering in pieces of other photos, or brush strokes on top of the base layer with no overarching idea of where the piece is headed. 

At this point it can feel rather daunting, because I’m about to invest a whole lot of time and energy into making something, and I’m not even sure it’s going to work. But I take the leap of faith (sometimes more readily than others) and just start building and hoping that it will all come together in the end. 🤞🏼 At this point I have some nice music playing and tell myself that I will enjoy the process regardless of the outcome. Because the journey IS the destination. (I've been looking at way too many Pinterest quotes...)

Once I’m in the groove and moving along, after I add a certain color, the next color to add to the piece will flash in my mind’s eye. 👁  Sometimes it’s exactly the right color, and other times I decide it wasn’t right after all and change it to something else. But I follow this trail of color flashes 🎨  in my mind adding each to the canvas for hours at a time. Occasionally instead of a color popping into my head, the idea of eating tortilla chips will pop into my head.😆

"Moonrise." One of my favorites. 

I’ve tried drinking wine while I work 🍷, but the results are disastrous. It muddies up my flow and I make bold, brash visual choices that appear sloppy and careless. That sentence also characterizes all of the life choices I made while in the decade of my twenties.

Cheers to being 37! I still feel like I came from another planet at times (I have 3 moles on the side of my face in the exact shape of Orion's Belt 👽), but I look at my life in general now as my grand creation, and am much more thoughtful and deliberate in my choices. This has landed me in Santa Barbara, a place I really love, and with a very kind and supportive partner whom I also love very much. 🥰 And I keep following my intuitive hits of what to do next building this Print Shop, taking that leap of faith that I’m doing the right thing and building something that will be worth it in the end. ❤️



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